If you are reading this article, then my SEO works 🙂 Sooner or later any blogger encounters the terrible word CEO. The first thought – if I do not know what the SEO is, then do not pay attention to it, this beast is only to the teeth of the most “promoter of sites”! But the more often the word SEO flashes before your eyes, the faster it comes to realize that if right now you do not start SEO-optimizing your texts, then your own and such a cool blog will NEVER even glance at the first page of Google search. And you start to look for the “SEO for Dummies” instruction.

I also looked for it, to no avail! The Internet offers mostly paid services for SEO promotion, and “budget bloggers” can only collect a bit of precious information. Today I will share with you the sacred knowledge and tell you how to optimize your texts if you do not know what the CEO is.

seo for dummies
What is SEO?

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Search engines are robots. They do not know how to read texts, and it’s hard for them to appreciate your high writing style. Therefore, you should optimize your texts in such a way that the search engines understand what you wrote about at all and decided to publish your article in the search results or not.

Many believe that the CEO is just a selection of keywords. But in fact, the keywords are just one piece of cake. In general, SEO of the text is keywords + literate writing and text design + image adjustment + quality content.

If something is missing, the cake is not complete anymore. And who will put a snack cake on the window? That’s why search engines do not want to.

If we are talking about SEO of the whole blog, then the optimization of the texts should also be added to the internal and external optimization of the entire site. And this, and download speed, and eliminate all internal errors in the work of the site and increase the number of links to your site from other resources and miscellaneous.

But do not be scared! Let’s eat the elephant in pieces 🙂 Today I’ll tell you straight about the fingers about SEO for texts, it’s not so difficult, and then we’ll think about it.

seo keywords


Well, yes, one can not do without them. Anyway, your article can be shown to a potential visitor of your blog, only if Google understands that it corresponds to the user’s request. And he can understand this only by keywords.

The key words are mathematics. In no case is it worth to invent anything and assume that users can search on the Internet there. Users type in search engines specific requests and search engines keep records of these requests.

Find the necessary keywords will help the service. Google is not an evil uncle who wants to drown your site in an avalanche of competitors. This is quite a friendly resource, which shares information to help you get on the first page in the issue.


You are writing a literary blog and want to write an article about what to read from contemporary authors. Before writing the text, you should go to words that and type in the search query “modern authors”.

What you need to pay attention to:

How many times a month users generally enter the query “modern authors” – this is the first line. In our case, we see a figure of 22,368 people. This query is quite popular, and in the top, for this query, there are certainly serious literary portals (online stores) using paid promotion tools. We should not compete with them, we will go the other way and find similar but less popular requests.

In our case, less popular queries are “authors of modern novels” or “modern Russian authors”. They recruit only 1-3 thousand people, so here you can already try your luck.

But you can go even further and click on the line “authors of modern novels.”

what is SEO?

As we see, here there are even less popular requests, which nevertheless fully correspond to our topic. For example, “modern novels of Russian authors” – 663 people. On this request to move to the top will be even easier.

Well and that the top became our for certain, we detail the request even more. I scrolled down the page and saw this:

what is SEO

These queries can also be used as the main keyword (it’s easy to move on them), or as additional keys that will help to move forward on several unpopular requests.

Why should we move forward on unpopular requests? Because of the chicken on the grain bites! Optimizing the article for several unpopular requests, you can quickly and surely climb them to the top and attract a few dozen visitors a month. And if on your site at least 100 correctly optimized articles, then you can receive several thousand new readers every month.

What to do with requests?

First of all, from all unpopular requests, we need to choose the one that will become our main key. In our example, I would take the query “Contemporary novels of Russian authors” or something from this “weight category”. Also, we need to select a few additional queries and write out the entire case on a separate sheet.

The next step is to go to the usual? Google and enter our requests into the search bar, paying attention to the tips Google gives. For example, if you start typing the query “modern authors” in the search string, then Google will offer a ready-made continuation of the phrase: their works, fiction, detectives, etc. This information can be used both as ideas for disclosing a topic and as additional keywords because, in fact, it is nothing more than frequent user requests.

Your task is as follows:

the basic request to use IN THE UNKNOWN VIEW in the title of the article, in the first and last paragraph of the article, organically (!) writing it into sentences.
Additional requests can be used in any form, in any case, anywhere in the text.

What if I’m a creative person and cannot write on the query plan?

I, too, are the same. Therefore, I first come up with the topic of the article, then I select the main query, then I write the text as required by my creative nature.

When the first version of the text is ready, I sit down for the editors and, where possible, insert my keywords. Yes, the selection of synonyms is not exactly what a beginner blogger dreams about, but this is CEO, baby 🙂 What is more important for you to keep your masterpiece dusting on the backyard of the Internet, or to put your first article on the first shelf in Google?
Text content

No matter how hard you try to find the right keywords, your article will never fall into the TOP if it is useless. Today, in order to become popular, one must be a professional in his own business.

You should:

carefully choose the topic of the articles, they should be interesting to your readers (it is better to have a plan of articles for a couple of months in advance)
fully disclose
Write long articles from 3000 characters and higher (the number of characters can be checked in the usual Word editor, the Review tab, the Statistics section).
give readers more than they expect to read
write detailed instructions, share experiences, contacts, useful resources, etc.

Try to be interesting to your readers. After all, the longer the visitor lingers on your blog, the higher next timeGoogle will pick you up. Yes, he also tracks this 🙂
Texting by SEO

When our cool article is written and crammed with keywords (organically inscribed into the text!), We proceed to the editorial office of errors and design.

If your literacy suffers, it is better to check the text for errors on one of the relevant online services. It’s free, and it’s important! In the top should be only the most correct articles and not those where all the commas are “author’s”.

Also, the text should be easy to read, that is, you should:

  • break the text into paragraphs (try to ensure that in each paragraph there are not more than 3-4 lines)
  • inter space
  • use lists and tables
  • use sub-headings
  • insert in the text links to other articles of your blog (this is called permalinks, it can be done using a special plugin Inline Related PRO)

What not to do:

to allocate in bold and italic all your keywords – Google can count this for re-optimization and lower your site in search results,
Do not use many different fonts and text colors – this makes reading difficult.

How to draw up subheadings correctly

This moment is very important because the subtitle is not just a bolder title of the section.

Google can determine the title of the article and sub-headings only if you tell him where they are.

When you decide to make some text in the form of a subtitle, you should place the cursor on the corresponding text and on the toolbar find the section “paragraph”, inside choose, for example, HEAD 2.

Accordingly, if within a single header you need to divide the text into even smaller parts, you should use Heading 3 and so on. Heading 1 in the text can be used only 1 time!

It is also very desirable to use the keywords in the subheadings, then Google will accurately understand what you are writing about.

what is seo

SEO Image Optimization

Pictures – this is another component of SEO promotion. It is highly desirable that the pictures on your site/blog are not heavy (up to 100 KB, otherwise the site will be loaded for a long time, which is bad for CEO) and unique, not downloaded from the Internet. Where to find so many pictures:

try to use your own photos more often
in accordance with the text of the text, you can use screenshots (screenshots) instead of pictures. For example, in this article, all pictures are screenshots of my control panel
you can find in the network an interesting video and in the right place to put it on pause and take a screenshot, so you get a unique picture 🙂
use online editor canva.com – this resource offers a large number of free modern templates for the design of pictures and photos for blogs, social networks, etc. Uploaded images become unique. Try it, you will not regret it.

After you have selected a picture and uploaded it to your blog, you should add a header and an alt attribute to it. It is not difficult:)

We write the title of the picture, preferably in Latin letters. It is quite possible that this will be your keyword.
We write the alt attribute – this is a unique description of our picture on the site, here it is necessary to prescribe the main keyword with the addition of a photo, picture, etc.

Install the Yoast SEO plugin

It will help you correctly write down the description and title of your article.


If only you do not have an online store, then the SEO-header can always be the same as the title of your article. It is very important to use your keyword in the title in its unchanged form.


Snippet – this is how your post looks in the SERP (photo below)
A shortcut is what is displayed on the search bar when the user hits the article page. The label should be written in English letters. You can automate the process of writing a shortcut using the plug-in Rus-to-Lat. It’s better if your keyword is used in the label.
The meta description is a description of what is being discussed in your article. It is extremely important to use your keyword in this description in an unchanged form, preferably closer to the beginning of the description.

what is seo

Meta description

All together = snippet. My keyword for this article is: “marry an Egyptian”

Despite the fact that the article turned out too long, all the same, the CEO for the texts is not terrible. Here are briefly the main points on which you should pay attention:

quality and usefulness of content
selection and correct use of keywords
correct design of the text (errors, paragraphs, sub-headings)
linking in text
Correct design of pictures (uniqueness, name and attribute alt)

I did not talk about it above, but I think you are installing miniatures without my reminders and writing labels for your articles.

By the way, if you do everything correctly, then your article will necessarily rise to the top, but not immediately. The length of the way to the top depends on several factors – how quickly search engines index your articles, how much useful content you publish, how you are doing with internal and external optimization of the blog and how many competitors you have for this query. On average, you can start checking the availability of an article on the first page of the SERP in 3-6 weeks after publication.

I hope that my article helped you to understand a little bit what the CEO is. If you still have any questions, do not hesitate to ask them in the comments! And stay tuned for my blog, sometimes in between articles about hot countries I’ll tell you about blogging 🙂

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